I bought this book for my brother-in-law – so far back in time that he he gave me an anti-AIDS kiss. His palm on my mouth.

For a time we were fooled!

WTF? Maybrick?


The greatest thing to come out of this International HOAX is the knowledge that Florence Maybrick helped change UK Law.

She was accused and tried and found guilty of the murder of her husband, James Maybrick, and sentenced to hang.

But she had no Right of Appeal. And being American by birth, she was essentially judged by opinion and not evidence.

Even the U.S. Gov and Queen Victoria got involved and her sentence was commuted. She got 14 (?) years in jail.

Just My Opinion : Jack the Ripper is, from start to finish, a MASSIVE psy-op. Whores were killed or died all the time throughout History. WHYtheeff was London in 1888 so special?

I call B.S.