I love trains.

Well, I used to love trains. Chugging over the Forth Rail Bridge (gateway to/from Edinburgh) with my Dad holding me up at the window to throw out a penny to the river. Priceless memories.

It was said that luck was invited when a coin was thrown into Forth Bay, while passing the Forth Bridge by train in the old times. Then, travelers of the train seemed to have thrown out coins from the window when they came to the Forth Bridge.

Dad was Scottish so knew this tradition well and taught it to us.

But trains run on tracks. You can slip the tracks over but still they have to follow a designated path. Set out for them by others.

I’m thinking that many youtube truthers have run out of wood and steel aka sleepers and tracks.

They’ve reached the terminus and all they can do is hitch an engine to the front, decouple the engine at the back and go over the same tracks. Back and forth. Forth and back.

They stop at the signals. Wait for days at a junction as they have someone else decide their final destination and … chug along.

Some are now stuck in the station without fuel or passengers and so seized up that a mountain of grease or WD40 can’t save them.

Is this a metaphor or an allegory?

I still don’t know.

Repeat Story here – Lower 6th Common Room Battle of the Bands. Bob Dylan ? Nah. I’m a Chris de Burgh -er.

Between Guadalquivir and Old Seville.

P.S. I’ve been to Seville. Lots of pottery :o)