Himself is on his third week of E.R. Which means 24/7 call out to all and any Emergency on the highways and byways of Lincolnshire.

Maud, the cat, woke me up at a quarter to six and I stumbled downstairs to complete and utter silence.

What? No banter? No unwanted comments about the state of my bed-hair?

All became clear at eight-thirty. He’d been called out at 4 of the morning, had come home for a flask of tea, then was off to do a days work.

We are now after 5 of the evening so that’s 13 hours. Already!

A normal work day for Himself will consist of being spat at, verbally insulted, egged, bricked, called all sorts of vile names (even though he knows that his Dad and Mum were married) and regularly nearly run over by drivers in a hurry to get where they are going.

I NEVER knew just how much shit these salt-of-the-earth workers had to endure all day every day. We can be so small-minded and selfish. One of his colleagues was actually SHOT at.

Shine on shine a light on me – sorry. Song lyrics. Song incoming.

More trains.

JC actually doing manual labour on a steam train en route to Edinburgh and Sherlock Basil in my fave Holmes film with him :o)

The link ? The capital of Scotland!