OK. Fine. Whatever.

Within a few days so many “things” broke.

Just to make life that little bit harder for me.

Car. Fixed. Now unfixed and worse than ever.

Dishwasher. On strike…decides to work…now zero/zilch/nothing. Not even a gurgle.


Sunday it went all COMPUTER SAYS NO and turned itself off.

What? The? Eff? Not even 2 years old.

But I have sons who’ve both built their own computers so I screamed for them to help.

It was traumatic. Seeing all the guts of this laptop being pulled out, pushed back in, jiggled, wiggled and wafted through the air. There was a battery-ectomy, a hard drive- ectomy and a something else- ectomy. I might’ve fainted by that point.

God bless their brilliant nerdy hearts. I’m back on line. Woohoooooo :o)


Infamy, Infamy etc.