This is so ingrained in me.

If I’m asked to PROMISE and in doubt, I’ll say that I can’t.

My word is my dignity is my life.

Y’ok. I can tell a little white lie to protect a loved ones feelings. But I’m a Sagi. Tactless or BRUTALLY honest.


Only the Strongest of the Strong will stand shoulder to shoulder with me.

Y’all can walk away at any moment. Most have – LOL.

P.S. My greatest hate is late-comers. Y’all say y’all’ll be here or there at x o’clock but arrive half or one or five hours later.

I once gave someone a full on right handed angry fist on the jaw that knocked him on his arse when he said he’d be home at 12.

My 12 was midday. His 12 was midnight.

But we’re still married :o)

Only the strong!

Sunblest bag? See image above.