Said it before. Saying it again – MY sense of history ends with the ’45.

1745. Scotland. Jacobite Rising.

I’m not so good on the era of this book. Though – I know – Karl Marx is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London.

I remember having a long conversation with Aunty Christine’s Dad in Kinghorn, Scotland. He was a coal miner and a …urm…socialist (shrug)

He told me all about the time he spent in Russia with the communist (?) socialist (?)…OK, his fellow underground workers.

A dyed-in-the-wool Labourite RED Socialist (communist?) who knew and sang their anthem. We’ll Keep The Red Flag Flying.

I have NEVER voted in a government election in my entire life. God’s Honest Truth. Even at 18, the age to vote, I said WHY? Same BS, different colour. Tory is blue, Labour is red, LibDem is yellow, Green is, well…….!

I live in a TOTALITARIAN society where MY family and OUR shared circs are the BE-ALL-AND-END-ALL of life.

WhyTF go outside of your home to fight with or for peeps who don’t give a crap about you or your family or your problems or your trials & tribulations?

It used to be called drawing and quartering. When a perp was literally torn to pieces, bowels spread-eagled, with head on a spike and his four limbs alles uber die platz.

Focus mes braves. FOCUS!

I had to study this book for my EngLit course. All I remember is pigs and Napoleon.

My bad (?!!?)