OK. If y’all don’t know, I’m a HUGE fan of Tennyson. He’s my homeboy.

When I first opened my shop in Horncastle (over the bridge and round the corner from Sellwood House) I was told that the locals would give me 6 weeks max. And that they’d use Tennyson as backup.

Apparently/allegedly/according to Urban Legend, Alfred, Lord Tennyson left Lincolnshire because he thought that all the locals were illiterate peasants.

Ahem. This Poet Laureate was also a LOCAL boy.

Ergo – A total “how dare you try” nonsense with no other intent than to destroy another’s efforts.

Who wrote :

Our’s is not to wonder why, Ours is but to do or die


Thank you, Aewar, my friend.

BTW : The Tennyson Monument outside Lincoln Cathedral shows the man holding a little flower in his hand. It’s a subtle nod to the poem about Crannied Nooks.