For so long I wanted to be part of “the gang.”

But “the gang” rejected me on all and every level that you can discard a person. Persona Non Grata and #banned.

I even sent a personal email to a “truther” channel creator telling him that I liked his work but his live chat and mods were extremely unfriendly.



During those times I would work many hours a day and 7 days a week on my blog posts…just spewing out information and thoughts and ideas and reality and Hidden History : Like I was feeding off their hatred of me.

All of that has gone now…almost.

I thought they were my Muse. Those haters. How stupid is that ?

They were just Destructive Doodlebugs thrown in MY path to show ME what was right and worthy vs wrong and useless.

I’ve re-found the Muse.

But this time I’m feeding off myself and my own positivity which we share and we possess.

Much as I love breaking down and trying to understand the character of IAGO, I’m Done with those kinds of people/gangs.

By the Way and Absolute God’s Honest Truth – I met Gary Glitter (Paul Gadd) when he and his VERY young girlfriend booked into The George Hotel in Amesbury. I was their first contact – the receptionist

All That Glisters (Glitters) Is Not Gold.

If you don’t know the GG – he’s a convicted paedophile. FACT!