Asking for HELP is not natural to me. I’m so much my Father and his Mother.

That good old Scottish vibe of STFU and Get On With It.

I’ve reached out here a few times asking for HELP when I’ve been so ground down by the hatred thrown at me. Every time was ignored.

Today I’ve been given a short, sharp, bloody (both cuss word and real flowing blood) lesson about being able to ask for HELP.

Husband rings up and asks – What are you doing?

My instant and honest (although slightly dramatic) reply was – Bleeding to Death.

The upshot was my inability to ask my two strapping sons for help in sawing some logs for the burner.


All I ended up with was my wrenched shoulder totally effed now. A bleeding thumb and three males shouting the same thing – BUT YOU DIDN’T ASK FOR HELP!

My bad :o(

BTW. Did you know that Peter Sellers recorded a cover single of the Beatles song HELP! ?

It came from a little known film called Heavens Above where Sellers plays a Vicar.