Several days ago I had the utter horror of watching, on MY TELLY, a couple who were our next door neighbours in Longmoor.

This couple were pure evil and set me up for a huge fall and a potential double rape.

I’ve discussed it before.


They were on a Chan4 show called 4 in a Bed (LOL)

A competition between four bed and breakfast/hotel owners.

I almost puked.

But they are doing really well in life, having both served 22 years, left the Army as officers and remained childless but very open in their marriage.

The link to the video below?


What happened all those years ago happened when my husband was on a 6 month tour in Kampala and I was a single mother working for the MOD in the Training Wing of the Close Protection Unit.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to believe that doing the best and being the best that you can is ever going to work in one’s favour.

Shake my head and weep.

KKK plus K?

Our lot used to do four of the African K’s. Khartoum had been closed down just before our time but Himself did Kampala, Kinshasa and Kigali.