Below is a comment that I received way back in 2019 when I dared to doubt the ongoing CNN news stories about protests in Hong Kong. A place that I had recently spent time in.

My reply explained that I’d been there on business. We had a company office based in Hong Kong and I was there to talk to our employees and go over “the books.”

At the risk of promoting a similar disgusting response – I am also allowed to comment on the video below because of real life experience.

Dubai was the main hub of our International Security Company. I spent quite a lot of time there. And Abu Dhabi and Doha.

Many of our employees were from Pakistan and it was UAE Law to take and hold the passports of every immigrant living and working for us in Dubai.

My youngest son, aged 21, was in charge of our guards. He was so disgusted by their living conditions that he wrote a report to the company owners – his mother and father. We went to the guards’ accommodation and agreed with him. 8 men in each small room and a couple of camping gas stoves in the corridor to cook food on.

Never having been a “flash as much as possible” kind of girl, the dress code was OK for me. And even a Prince of Abu Dhabi offered me the seat at the head of the table. Though I was forcibly told to say Shukran instead of Thank You :o)