Too easy a question to answer?

Hands up all those who say HATE is the opposite of Love.


It’s not hate. It IS….

FEAR: The Opposite of Love

Love is dangerous. To truly LOVE another you must put ALL Fear aside.

Pregnant women know the meaning of fear. So many, in the latter stages of pregnancy, have horrific nightmares about the child that they are carrying. For this to be such a Universal event must mean that it happens for a reason, yes?!

Childbirth can be traumatic. Both of my sons were birthed in a slight amount of trauma where quick decisions were needed by the medical staff.

If a woman lets fear take over, she will have no connection to that baby. Because of my first birth experience, I made the doctors/midwives write down that if anything untoward happened this time – to do EVERYTHING they could to save the baby before me.

God’s Honest Truth.

Those three special words I LOVE YOU hold both power and deceit.

Easy to say – HARD TO LIVE BY.

We do live in a MAD WORLD now where men are women and women are men and money is our one true Orthodox religion and the children are now more grown up than the adults.



Such a good band name.

If you have never been truly terrified in your life, as in, when you are brought to that point of absolute acceptance that you can die at any moment – then you have never truly LIVED.

An NDE is acceptance. It holds no fear. Just FAITH.