Take this or leave this. Your choice.

We have arrived at a time when we NEED to bridge from the same old/same old to the NEW.

Who is going to build those bridges?

The Government? The Church? The Banks? The WHO? NATO? The UN? The worldwide oligarchs?

Or the simple people? The people like you and me?

Oooh. I’ve gone all ? mad.

I have tried. OMG, I’ve tried so hard to build bridges.

I’ve also been forced to BURN DOWN some bridges that led to nowhere I’ll ever want to go again.

It takes teamwork – Operative Words are TEAM & WORK to build.

I built a bridge to a place that didn’t want me and that I now know that I don’t want or need or ever have to see again.

Me & He watched this classic film in December. The last scene is haunting.


Then Clarkson, Hammond and May try to build a bridge!!!