Henry IV or Henry Bolingbroke.

This Henry has a special place in my heart. At school, our English Literature classes were pretty much weighted towards the Bard.

Henry IV Part one and two and us teenagers went….what MORE Shakespeare? ?

Much of it seems to have stuck with me over the years since.

Bolingbroke was the son of John of Gaunt (see previous post about the saVoy hotel)

He was a legitimate son of John and his wife, Blanche. Although Katherine Swynford was always there in the background with her children by John.

Bolingbroke Castle and village are just down the road from us. I’ve been there a few times. MS History says that Cromwell razed it all to the ground. He may have done because you pass the site of the Battle of Winceby en route to Bolingbroke.

The Castle is just ruins now.

What brings me here – to this particular Shakespeare quote?

It’s a phenomena that I’m seeing happen before my eyes right now.

So many of the Crowned Heads of the “truther” community are in partial or full retreat.

They’ve built their castles on sand and speculation and are now being heavily questioned about the information they’ve pumped out over the past 4/5 years.

So many are just going back over old stuff and re-re-repeating “ancient” youtube history.

Others are sidling away, slowly. Blaming their viewers for disliking their content!!! Fact.

I find it very sad. So much potential, so little lasting worth :o(