The price was right!

So I had to go Rustoleum. Never used it before but it had a colour called Melrose which leads me on to my BFF.

She has a shop. She is a licensed stockist for Annie Sloane Chalk Paint and has also been trained by Annie.

I could abuse our life-long friendship but couldn’t. If that makes sense.

Melrose? The name of BFF’s Welsh grandmother.

Next week the paint will arrive. Woohooooo!

What I’m about to do will totally pee off a local friend who sells stripped pine furniture. She is from Old Bolingbroke and has acid tanks to strip old paint off the stuff she sells in town.

My home is filled with her gorgeous pine bookcases, cabinets, dressers, tables etc. And I’m going to PAINT them all.

Shhh. Say nothing.

£13 a tin compared to £26 a tin is a huge leap for me right now.

Can I make cheap paint look good?

Yay. I love a challenge.