Lincolnshire is mainly agricultural. Large swathes of fields growing food. But our village farmer, Steve, also has a few sheep now and again.

They go into the field across the road from us and are the ONLY being (man, plant or beast) that our German SHEPHERD absolutely HATED. He went all psycho-pup near sheeps.

Oh. He hated guns too. Just taking a shotgun out of it’s blanket/cover/bag/wrapper would send him into a barking frenzy.

The world is too boring right now so we’ve gone back to Clarkson’s Farm.

Yes. Amazon again. Big budget. A frankly obnoxious, know-it-all man and TV cameras. BUT – there is something truly brilliant about Jeremy Clarkson. Apart from the fact that he once thumped Piers Morgan in the face on a plane :o)

F1RST : Some real farmers reviewing the show.

After : Clarkson’s journey into sheeps and all things sheepsy.