OhMy Giddy Aunt.

That’ll teach me to multi-task aka cook tea and watch/listen to the “there can be only one” Bear.

Owen Benjamin | #1590 From Dark To Light, An Intense Look At Sexual Psychopathy (This Will Be A Dark, But Helpful One)

I love a good rant done for good reason and this last one got me all spicy. A bit too spicy!

I was taught how to make a basic white sauce when I was 12 years old working in a restaurant kitchen with a chef called Connie. Never forgotten her.

Forget all the fancy-pants roux and butter and flour and whisk till your arm falls off.

Connie’s Basic White Sauce :

Put some milk into a saucepan and bring it up to boiling point (watch carefully!)

As the milk is heating up, take some cornflour and mix it with a little water or milk and stir to amalgamate.

When the milk is bubbling, bring it off the heat and stir in the liquid cornflour with a wooden spoon.

Turn heat right down and keep stirring until the milk thickens.

Too thick? Add more milk.

Too thin? Add more cornflour mixed with liquid.


This is the base of so many sauces, including cheese sauce.

And it NEVER goes all lumpy.

To the above I added grated Red Leicester cheese, salt, pepper and some Dijon mustard. Aha!

Everyone knows that the bright yellow English Mustard will blow your brains out but Dijon is sneaky. It’s the pale yellow of American Hotdog mustard but FIERY.

So I add one teaspoon of Dijon. then another…another. Then another as I’m listening.


Good job cauliflower is gentle and bland. I feel a hot flush coming on.