Disdain is such an ugly yet powerful word.

To treat another as if they are unworthy, contemptuous.

Mmmn. Being told “just fuck off then” in a live chat is pretty disdainful. Even the channel creator mimed banning me for ever.

I have NEVER treated another person with intentional disdain in my life.

Sometimes my twisted humour and use of words and another person’s personal triggers may make me sound disdainful. If so. Apologies.

I have HAD to learn to use this modus operandi in the past 4 years in order to survive. On Line.

Now—m’eh. I WILL treat others with the contempt they deserve when that’s how they have chosen to treat me.

No Prisoners.

No Quarter.

A quick death is so much more merciful.

Oh. Wrote those same words 4 years ago :o)

Being nice and kind and loving and helpful is always the Golden Ticket for a Narc who is so internally broken that they will do EVERYTHING in their power to BREAK a better person.

I’m a natural born empath who has spent most of her life being walked all over by others.

My greatest gift has been these past few years of rejections, humiliations, bans, contempt, death threats and hatred.

You want a spoonful of sugar to help this bitter medicine go down? TEXT MARY POPPINS #JackieHatesMe