It was NEVER my intention to walk this path alone.

This day in January 2019, my work was featured on FEB. I’d chosen him after a year of watching various yt “truth” videos and was so thankful for his help.

A year later I collapsed on my kitchen floor after seeing FEB and StarfortMudflood publicly agree that I was EVIL.

My husband thought I was having a heart attack. It was worse. It felt that my heart was being torn in half and pulled out of my body.


To this very day he and his closest mates all have me banned from their glorious channels. Why?

Because, in 2019/2020, I warned them of a schism coming in their community. And I was NOT SUBTLE ABOUT IT.

Hence, little ol’ me is now #1 Troll/Larp/Stalker/Crazy/Piece of Shit.

OK. I get it. I went too far, too soon, too hard and fractured all those fragile, smart, special, entitled, narc egos.

The upshot of this has been either killing myself (as some phantom emailers told me to do) or carry on ALONE.

So I carried on.


My Great Reset?

It’s time for me to work with others again.

Something I ALWAYS had until January 2019.

I am a team player…mainly because I find myself so effing annoying at times. But also because I love being around other mindsets, experiences, cultures, languages, traditions, ideas.

That is why I’ve travelled so much over all these years.

It’s taken a VERY LONG TIME for this Great Awakening to happen. Truly painful and mind-fucking for a select few as they’ve been forced to battle the Old Systems and ways of being. We’ve been abandoned, tormented, ridiculed, shamed, crucified, buried alive and denied a voice.

I went to this certain community as a wife, mother, traveller, AMATEUR HISTORIAN and Highland Warrior.

Every war is just a series of battles. Get wounded in one battle – heal – fight on. Die. Resurrect. Face the enemy again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. NEVER DESERT. NEVER TURNCOAT. NEVER, EVER, EVER BE AFRAID.

I walked this alone but with honour and strength and a spit-fire tongue because, even though I’m the product of peasants, our family motto is…


‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream

P.S. I’ve talked several times about how I lied to my Dad once as a child. He told me that he could forgive a thief, but never a liar.

There is another level to that parental piece of moral advice.

Liars lie. Thieves Lie about Thieving.

Extremely profound advice. Thanks, Dad.