Weeks ago I wrenched my right shoulder hauling logs.

A couple of days back he and me had to go out and get some food.

I’m a very minimalist shopper. I have a list (well thought out and just the necessities.)

“If it’s not on the list. It doesn’t get bought!”

He goes down every single aisle and gathers, based on primary needs of the moment.

So my basket of five items metamorphises into a cornucopia of STUFF……usually heavy stuff that I pack and buy and fill bags to overflowing with as he gets himself a Costa Coffee from the machine.

SO. I had me a total breakdown moment at the shop exit. I planted both heavy bags on the ground and just stood there shouting Oi Oi, YOU as he sauntered out with his coffee.

Those coming in – She’s deranged.

Those already there – Good for you, girl.

Yes. He did return, swapping coffee for bags.

I could’ve gone all MRS BUNG there. But —- I’m a Lady :o)