We have an Amazon Firestick so get to watch this stuff.

Yesterday I put this one on. Bank Holiday Monday.

Quite a few laugh out loud moments.

May, Hammond and Wilman (their director) all bailed out of the BBC when Clarkson was sacked. Half the crew went too.

They began again with The Grand Tour financed by Amazon.

Yep. Tons of wage/production money etc etc. But not so much security as the BBC had given them for the past 15/20 years.

What they all took away from BBC was their utterly unique humour/sarcasm and – for want of a better word – subliminal messaging.

There is so much going on in so many scenes that is never mentioned.

This “special” started with a question – What’s Wrong With the French?

Enter mayhem and bad jokes and snarks galore

P.S. We’ve been to France enough times to Absolutely Understand what they are saying. ‘Specially about the parking. We sat watching some driver do just that, laughing our shoes off.

And the way they treat their cars. We once drove from here to Paris in a hire car. During a World Cup. Allez les Bleus. Or Algeria.

When we returned the car to Lincoln they were stunned and said that we were the first to ever come back from Paris without a single scratch on the car. True Truth!

That’s because I’m a brilliant navigator and map reader and was stupid enough to put my head out of the window to see what was whooshing past. Nothing whatsoever to do with the driver driving a right-hand drive in a left-hand drive country :o)