This line has been in my head for days now.

Gotta get it out!!!!

In my weirdo head, these few words are almost Divine Law.

From lover to friend to family to pets – we are NOT owned.

If we have any of the above it is through choice. Theirs or ours.

Take pets.

We call ourselves pet owners. HOW DARE WE? Any animal we are fortunate to have in our lives is there because that animal CHOOSES to stay.

Jakey – the crow we rescued and raised just after he’d been kicked out of the nest – taught me that. We fed him. Housed him. Loved him.

The last time we saw him was on a Christmas Day, 8 months after. He pinched a pig in blanket off a plate and flew out of the window. To become what he was born to be. A wild crow.

I have zero interest in George’s private life. He was an amazing singer/song writer.

In my opinion.


Freedom comes from within. We build our own prisons and kill ourselves through bad choices.