My car.

My dream car.

OMG. The day this car was sold …..sob.

Gunmetal Gray. Wonky roof. Short Wheel Base. Hard Top. Four flip down seats in the back. Smelled of dog and stinky, sweaty young men. Had a turning circle of about a mile and a half. NO power steering. No air-con. Buggered radio. Moody electric windows that only worked when they wanted to. A nice dusting of rusty bits.

And it quite often rained, snowed inside.

But I loved it.

What I never knew until I commented to Himself about how friendly other Land Rover drivers were was – EVERY SINGLE Land Rover driver around here (we have lots of farms and farmers) will ALWAYS Wave/Salute a fellow LR driver.

Yes. We might be freezing cold inside. Having a bad hair day because the windows don’t close properly. Going an average of 40mph… on a good day. With a dog’s nose glued to the windscreen as said dog navigates (?!)

Yet neither flood nor gale nor three feet of snow could stop us. Happy Days