There is little wonder that so many of the girls in my two boys’ generation can’t cook.

The video below is from a time when I was a skinny dot in school. Every day we’d have a huge HOT cooked lunch. With pudding. And at our Grammar School, we all got a glass of rosehip syrup too.

Not a single one of us was overweight. Energy so high that every day went by in a whirl of activity.

By the time my boys went to my old Grammar School I’d have to find them £3 a day each to buy a single slice of frozen pizza and two greasy potato smiley faces for lunch. The rest of their £3 went into one of the many vending machines in the building for coke or pepsi or chocolate.

I know these were different times but we had no outrageous violence, respect for our teachers and truly great fun with our mates.

No ADHD, autism, OCD, psychopathy, Too Tired To Work-ness, Arson, Criminal Damage, Rape, Drugs etc etc.

The worst of the worst was being caught smoking behind the cricket pavilion or snogging a person of the opposite sex in the corridor!!!

Today I’m making Jam Roly Poly (with some frozen berries melted down into a sticky jam consistency on the Rayburn) and custard. In honour of the schooldays of the parents in this house :o)

So much to choose from…Sago, Semolina, Rice Pudding, Treacle Pud, Trifle, Spotted DICK!!!