I have NO ILLUSIONS about women.

I’ve warned my husband and two sons over and over again about them.

Way back when we lived in Gibraltar, His mate from Ireland was posted there too. HIS mate equalled mate’s wife would become MY friend.

Mmmn. Those two “mates” had a very closed yet open marriage. He’d dick anything breathing and she’d spread for anyone.

She EVEN BRAGGED TO ME that on the night before their wedding, when future husband and wife are meant to share a lonely bed, she’d spent the night with his best mate/best man.

God’s Honest!

She had a child when she was 17 and he married her boy too. Father unknown.

There is something in the world today that WILL destroy a Good Woman.

Lavinia all over again.

Shakespeare. Titus Andronicus. Lavinia, daughter of Titus, falls in love and is about to marry a good man. But she is raped by two brothers. Her tongue cut out. Her hands cut off.

Today’s Divine Feminine Model.

Traumatised into being an object so unworthy of life that her father kills her.

BTW – 2024 will be my 40th wedding anniversary. WTF.

40 years with ONE man and two glorious children?