The picture above is of our cat – MAUD.

She adopted us last November. A skinny little thing in the garden.

After about 2 weeks we finally tempted her into the house via the kitchen window and she’s not left since.

I asked several of the villagers if they knew who she belonged to and all of them said…..erm …no, but she’s been in our garden too.

We know nothing about her. Her age. Her past.

I named her Maud after Henry I’s daughter. Yep, check it out. Maud is a variant of Matilda.

The picture was taken a few minutes ago. This is the first time Maud has encountered the Rayburn and it’s 24/7 heat. So we’ve made her a bed there.

One very happy cat. God only knows the trauma she experienced before adopting my family.

Bless her :o)

BTW. Did you know that the history of Scottish Royalty is unbroken. Not one civil war. Not one interregnum. Not one childless monarch.

Unlike English Royalty history which is full of invaders and usurpers and civil war and all round tragedy.

Check it out.

THE ANARCHY in England has also been called When Christ and All His Saints Slept.

Did y’all know that Maud/Matilda was also an Empress?