Years ago I wrote a post called Filthy Barbarian or Silk-Clad Tartarian?

January 22nd, 2019.


There are two things that most people don’t know about the Tartarian Empire and their concern clothes and hygiene.

Unlike the Filthy Barbarians of legend, the fighting men of the Empire dressed in silks, cotton and linen and loved steam-baths.

When you travel long distances and the chances for bathing are few and far between, silk is naturally anti – bacterial.  It dries quickly…keeps a sweaty you cool, a freezing you warm and it is also a lice repellent.

All those amazing ROMAN baths we see around the world, the hypocausts, the spas etc. were also products of the Empire of Tartary…Romean, not Roman.

When Andronicus I Comnenus returned to Yoros/Czar-Grad/Jerusalem/Troy from the north to become Emperor in 1182, one of the many crimes that he was accused of was the introduction of BARBARIAN clothing.


My apologies – this is just a small part of what was meant to be a much more in-depth article. Time and outside pressures have been in play just lately.

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Our ancestors understood the possibility of LACK and used everything for multiple purposes.

This is why I was so excited to get my Rayburn up and running again.

Not only can I cook with it…the clothes dry on the ceiling drying rack or on the bar. Plates are warmed, pans are dried fully (so no rust) water is heated, baths and showers are enjoyed, animals fall asleep in front of, food is warmed through on the top without having to do anything, comfort is enjoyed, jars are sterilised, water and aromatherapy oils are placed on top to softly diffuse the fragrance of lavender or vanilla or vetivert or…..!

So many uses from one kitchen implement.

The video below kind of freaked me out. I’ve ridden a camel in the Arabian Desert. There are just some animals a “precious” and spoiled Westerner like me cannot think about eating.

Steam baths and cooking camel meat.