A true event related to me this morning from the man who’d been out half the night because…

…A woman. Driving in the dark. Had something very important to say/text to someone so she used her mobile phone.

What happened next?

Well. A town not so far from us is in UPROAR.

This woman was distracted and crashed her car at many miles per hour into a British Telecom Pole and, basically, broke the pole. Right at the bottom.

BT called and the engineer said that all he could was cut the lines and let the pole fall.

There are now 250 homes without a phone or t’internet or TV or whatever from now until, at least, the 7th of January next year.

Police were called and she swore black and blue that she’d swerved because of an animal.

Policeperson : You were on your phone.

Her : No. Never.

Car searched. Phone found under the driver’s seat.

Policeperson : What’s this?

Her : Deny. Deny. Deny

Anyway – she has an entire town out for her blood. Points on her license. And a MAHOOSIVE legal bill for all the damage done.

I still do not have a mobile phone.

Well, I do. But it’s lost. Somewhere under my clutter.

DON’T TEXT & DRIVE, you Doodlebugs.