It’s basically cold, wet and depressing. I’m so not a fan of this time of year – between Christmas and Hogmanay.

Bummer :o(

SO- this morning – I kicked myself up the arse and (finally) finished off my OCD/Clutter Clearing/A Place for Everything & Everything In It’s Place Kitchen Task.

Today was moving all the unfitted furniture around.

Jeebus. WHO makes such a disgusting mess behind ovens and fridges and cabinets ? ? ?

Upshot – all that scrubbing seems to’ve reset and healed my extremely painful right shoulder. Yay :o)

I bought Karen Kingston’s little book when it was first published in the late ’90’s. I even bought the updated one.

KK introduced me to the work of Denise Linn.

This ol’ body may feel a bit achy breaky but Everything Else is Good.

BTW – I’ve spaced cleared two houses now. OMG. When you learn HOW to read a building through your hands…life changes.