At the risk of sounding hypocritical (!?) I’m a believer in Nemesis, the goddess of retribution.

Call it trolling/bitching/being nasty/disgusting/evil/”cancer inducing!!!” – I WILL STAND UP against those who spout hatred against me.

Every Single Person about whom I have bitched over the past 4 years have been people who have Willfully & Willingly set out to Destroy and HUMILIATE ME.

My work.

My family.

My friends.

My favourite youtubers.

These people do NOT have any other platform to stand on except latent MALICE.

A few unsavoury comments from the past couple of days :

Somebody had to do it and you did it well. Watched all the way through too. I don’t what kind of game they are playing but some light did need to be shined on them. Maybe the next time E-war and nickerless wood go away they will stay gone.

Standing ovation from me!!! Their vanishing from this platform would be the best Christmas present ever!!! All I have for them is this:


You seem to be a doom sayer, u bought into Tartaria, food shortages, global collapse, ww3 etc guess what tomorrow will come and such is life until it stops and I guarantee you will not predict it. Who cares about Rome or ancient people deal with today and stop shilling. There is more CO2 in the world now than anytime in recorded history the world is getting greener fuck ragnorak etc live your life and enjoy. The Vikings were not prohepts, Zoroaster can jog on you are a fear mongerer now you claim ET or hollow earth etc put enough shit hope something sticks. Chill out and just live your life you melt.

…if and when you decide to search for a partner, seek non other than a Libra! Imo that should be number one on your list of “must have” attributes, being an Aries. The Libra is your mate

WTF are these kind of people contributing to humanity? They sound like the sorts that’d kick a starving kitten up and down the street just for fun.

Merry Christmas. Peace & Good Will To All Men… arse.

Call someone out for being a lying, thieving, abusing narc who has done all they can to make your life a living hell-scape – Damn Right.

Spit public venom at someone with whom you disagreed for a minute or two because they’ve gone against your precious mind-control ….

Revenge is a Kind of Wild Justice etc

I do what I do and say what I say because I KNOW, repeat, I KNOW that there are so many people out there in “our” world who can’t/won’t fight back because they have been so completely destroyed by others.

Peeps – Live Out Your Own Private Jacobean Tragedy in Private, yes? Y’all are part of the problem. NOT part of the solution.