Keep it simple, stupid.

You don’t get more simple than me. Just one girl. On her own. With one follower…..Herself because that’s how WordPress works.

OMG. I LOVE this man. He’s like a taller, younger brother. Literally MY twin. Both born on the 24th. Gemini and Sagittarius are exactly opposite on the zodiac.

Having totally succeeded in feeding the masses – kids, husband, me, the birds, the deer, the foxes etc – I actually have time to sit and watch the entire episode.

This SOOOOO made my Christmas Day. Having said too many times – “I’m nothing special. In fact I’m a bit of a bore…” (Abba) and being the most micro of micro, to see this displayed in front of my eyes was Soul Expanding.

You’ll have to watch to understand. Basically it’s about being HIDDEN, Destroyed, Stolen from….TOTALLY ANNHILIATED aka Buried Alive by a community that calls ITself TRUTH.

God’s Honest


P.S. I AM a Lady. Lady of Glencoe. I have a tree planted in Glencoe with MY soul nourishing it!