The images above are MINE. Actual photographs taken when I was 20 years old.

Having (stupidly?!) volunteered to climb in Glencoe during our week off from the baddies in Ulster to do mad things in Stirling, Scotland.

It was glamping even before “glamping” was coined. The girl with me is Carol. We were in training together and met up again in Londonderry. I’d come from Berlin. She’d come from her “punishment posting” in the depths of Norfolk. Kindred spirits.

I can still feel the awe of climbing, surviving it all without any safety equipment, in the blazing sun, and just being grateful for getting to the summit and then…..SEEING/FEELING/BREATHING MY COUNTRY.

Goddess on the Mountain Top…and Venus was her name. She’s got it. Ooooh, baby, she’s got it.

Or she STOLE it from ME? ? ?


It brought me to tears too.

But the blokes thought I was just a woosy female. No effing idea that I was the granddaughter of a MacDonald.

I’ve travelled far and wide too.

Nothing – NOTHING COMPARES to my homeland.

AYE :o)