It always starts with the same comment on Christmas morning.

Oh. So you’re cooking for the North Korean Army, then?

Aha. This madness has method in it.

Boxing Day Lunch. Bubble and Squeak.

My boys will NOT touch, smell, look at a Brussel Sprout. So I have to go all MI5 – undercover.

ALL and everything left over from today will be chopped up, fried and or baked.

ALL. The lamb, Yorkshire puds, roast tatties, pigs in blankets, cabbage, carrots, sprouts, bread sauce, gravy, cranberry/mint/horseradish, sausagemeat stuffing —— SPROUTS!

I may throw some Worcestershire Sauce in. Or Dark Soy Sauce. I may even grate some cheese for the top.

Waste Not, Want Not.

Which means : when you waste nothing, you want for nothing.

Girly here has a yt and…or gov. approved/PC/Snowflake/Village Idiot Proof version.