Who isn’t?

I’ve always loved this song.

ALWAYS a Queen fan, Never was a huge Bowie fan until I married a man who was. Who owns original vinyl Bowie LP’s. Who made me watch Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence. And who’d seen Bowie LIVE in Berlin – a hop and a spit away from our RMP HQ.

I’ve never seen this video before though.


We have Nosferatu, Dr Caligari’s Cabinet, Jekyll & Hyde, The Werewolf, Drowning Women, Women being strangled…you get it. I LOVE old B&W films.

Under Pressure.

Note to Self : Don’t talk to eldest son about Bowie. He KNOWS a lot. Effing Parental Programming.

BTW – He’s (eldest son) the one I go to …to talk about Wagner and Classical Music :o)