There is no way on this God’s Earth that I’m getting up at 4 of the Crimbo Morning to start cooking for 3 men.

So I’m prior planning and preparing today.


It’s hilarious :o)

So far we have made a bacon baguette (for a son) and tagliatelle pesto (for a son) to eat….NOW. Upfront payment.

Homemade chilli coleslaw, lamb with garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, olive oil, salt and pepper in the plate warmer for the next ? hours.

Potatoes and parsnips roasting. Pigs have been blanketed. Cabbage, carrots, sprouts, bread sauce, sausage meat & sage, thyme, onion, lemon stuffing prepped.

Cheese board avec pickles prepped.

Pepperoni Pizza on standby because Father is on the Mulled Wine and Mother is on the Prosecco.

Who’d’ve thunk that Christmas Eve could be so LOUD & funny?

P.S. All are impressed that I huntered, gathered, killed, skinned and gutted a sage and an onion from the wild.