I was so delighted to see this in our tiny local Tesco today. THE LAST ON THE SHELF.


As we were preparing the lamb this morning, one son and his father were mouthing off at each other and the other son and I prepared the meat.

A whole bulb of garlic – unpeeled but squished in the bottom of the pan. Lamb olive-oiled, salted and peppered and my son was on herb duty.

I’d’ve just plunked the whole thing in there but he tore it apart and sprinkled.

OMG. The smell. In the deep mid-winter. In my kitchen.

The word is HEADY.

WooWooFizzy even before opening the prosecco.

I’ll start up bitching about supermarkets again in the New Year. When I’ve revived/replanted my own rosemary and thyme :o)

P.S. At least they pronounce Scarborough properly !!