I’ve actually sat down and talked for hours with a few Romany women. One of them, on hearing that I’d written a book or few, told me that she was in the process of writing her Romany History. I encouraged her.

Himself has spent time with the Romany too. Even though he’ll still call them pikeys – their immaculate homes, their willingness to give, their veneration of family, their creativity (!) and their politeness stunned him.

Like all History, the real beginnings of the Romani is occluded.

They MAY have been the original guides over the Spice Road and other trade routes. Always associated with camels or horses and Always TRAVELLING.

They made a living by helping others.

Even “Mary Magdalene” fled persecution accompanied by Sarah the Egyptian/Gypsy. She landed in France in a port where, to this day, the Romani hold an Annual Festival.

Word associations in History.

Romean (Egyptian)

Romani (Egyptian)

Roman……missing a vital vowel.

New Age Travellers and Drop-Outs and Ne-er-Do-Wells of recent times have helped to cement a Neo-History of the Romani.

Once upon a time they were the Free Travellers of this world. Without boundaries and without outside interference.

Much like a Sagittarian :o)