OK. My boys are now men in their early 30’s so Long Gone are the days of a 1,000 presents under the Christmas Tree.

We ALL appreciate the BASICS in life.

So He & Me went shopping in town today for……FOOD.

Every single one of us has different favourites so we catered for all. But the BEST was – having enough spare money to buy a shoulder of lamb for Christmas Lunch.



I’ve never cooked a shoulder of lamb on the bone. Only lamb chops or a leg of lamb.

Shhhh!. Don’t tell them that I’ve had to watch the video below. It’ll ruin my Chef-Cred!

With the Rayburn back on, this will be placed in the plate warmer (under the oven) Christmas Eve evening to cook all night. Very, very slowly.

My youngest son is a right weirdo. He doesn’t do the full roast dinner thing so he’ll have salmon and cream cheese and Italian bread and a multi-cultural cheese board with olives and crackers and pickles and homemade coleslaw and a hug and kiss from his Mother :o)

P.S. We don’t even have Christmas Crackers because Tsar – our late puppy aka Vicious Toothy German Shepherd – hated the sound of them.

Right. Concentrate, Jackie!