These are TRUE LIFE moments in my life.

God’s Honest Truth.

Way back in a Live Chat Before Getting Totally Sick of the Psychos – I have been a true life fan of Dolores O’Riordan. The beautiful, talented, tortured, GONE singer with The Cranberries.

Suddenly – in a live chat pops up a comment about Dolores. Something never seen before on a yt truther channel. And from an American.

THEN ; All of a sudden everyone (well Jon Levi, Martin Liedtke and UAP) all posted videos about
Red Mercury within a week of each other. Each one linked it (loosely) with Vampires and Dracula.

A whilst after I’d blogged about the family lines of both Vlad Țepeș  and Báthori Erzsébet – both well-known mainstream blood-drinkers aka Vampires being connected to the N.C. timeline and Historical Shenanigans.

Someone once said in a video – Oh. Someone has done a study of Dracula. Did I take a screenshot? Ah. Nah.

ZOMBIES and Vampires.

They STEAL your life force and use it to make themselves feel good.


BTW – The Cranberries song is all about the division of Ireland and the loss of life caused by politicians and the zombie culture. Having lived in Ulster TWICE and having experienced, first hand, the death and hatred caused by religion and politics – I AM QUALIFIED TO SPEAK ABOUT THIS!

And the later loss of life caused by internet vampires and zombies.