Who was Melusine?

Well. She is taught by MS History to be a demon. Half Woman, Half Snake. Or Half Woman, Half Fish.

Basically – a mermaid. A Rusalka. A Nixie. A Siren. A Ceasg.

Just an all round BAD female with secrets and lies and nefarious thoughts.


Let’s return to the “ancient” legends about the half-maiden-half-snake, who miraculously gave birth to three sons (Trinity) from Zeus or Hercules. From the point of view of the New Chronology and our reconstruction, it becomes clear that during the time of Tsarist Christianity, the Mother of God in Rus’ was revered, in particular, in the form of a half-maiden-half-snake. That is – MERMAIDS. 

Back with The Brothers Grimm and their Fairy (Fey) Tales.

Or – if you know your Medieval Literature – it’s a story written by Jean D’Arras and it involves the “story” of Jehanne d’Arc and Lorraine. And Rene d’Anjou.

But what do I know? I’m just a housewife and blogger.

I sweep floors and make tea.

P.S. The Lusignan Family are V ery Interesting :o)