It’s taken me a few days to process this one.

The video below was posted 10 or so days ago.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve shared Phil Rickman books or Winchcombe Grotesques vs Gargoyles. Or Katherine Parr. Or the age 36 – when both Trinity Ansell and Princess Diana died.

Or Marcus Bacton, “Holy” Grayle Underwood. And my fave fictional character Sindy Mars-Lewis….whom Phil Rickman himself told me in an email IS related (in his fictional world) to C.S. Lewis.

Mr Rickman has a truly stunning ability to make a physical object a character of his stories. In Night after Night – it’s Belas Knap.

Do I need to say that I disagree with the dates/chronology here?

Nah. I KNOW THAT. And that’s all that matters right now because I’m talking to myself. Again :o)

Knap Hall, a Tudor house in the Northern Cotswolds, is the secret location for the new reality TV show, Big Other.

Is it haunted by its previous owner… or by the last wife of Henry VIII, Katherine Parr?

Grayle Underhill, researcher for HGTV, is assigned to investigate the history of the house… and of the seven celebrities who must spend a week there under the cold eyes of the TV cameras… night after night.