I’m back in the kitchen. Still no oil delivered so I have a hot water bottle under my apron and fleece and I’m cooking myself a courgette risotto.

Risotto – for me – is Ultimate Comfort Food.

It needs to be molly-coddled and given as much attention as possible. You have to truly CARE about your creation. Arborio rice must be tenderly coaxed into unveiling it’s inner smooth, creamy, wondrousness. The garlic, the splash of white wine, the butter, the lovingly sautéed onions, the ladle by ladle feeding of stock, the tender stirring, knowing the exact time to add the cheese. And that soul-lifting grating of nutmeg.

OMG. Labour of love followed by the reward of delicious food.

What’s that got to do with Owen Benjamin?

I’ve watched him on and off since 2019.

He makes me laugh. Cry. Think. Shout blue, bloody murder as I disagree with every single word. And – right now – he’s just one step away from my risotto.

I’ve time to watch.

YAY :o)

Owen Benjamin | #1570 My Personal Revelation On Communion, An Experiential, Utilitarian & Historical Look On Blood & Flesh Consumption