Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with any yt “truther” channel will have heard of ORPHAN TRAINS.

And – suddenly – so many people have just found out that their parents/grandparents were “orphans.”

I will always be grateful to Aewar for his reply to my comment about unwanted pregnancies. Over the past twenty years I’ve delved deep into asylums and workhouses and street children throughout history.

Check out Le Cours des Miracles in 17th century Paris.

Or go to Karachi – like I did – and actually walk with the child beggars on the street.

yt comment back to me – Oooh. So you’re saying that you have to actually walk in the shit to know about history?

Urm. It helps, love.

What totally pissed me off was that these kids kept calling me AMERICAN LADY.


Insult too far, mes braves. An INSULT to far.

I was told by our Karachi Guards NOT to give them a single penny. EVER.

Rewind – Check out Le Cours des Miracles in 17th century Paris.

Birds & Bees Lesson : Man feeling randy. Has sex with several women. One (if not ALL) of this women get pregnant. Yet another unwanted life birthed. For an orgasm (male gift) and some money (female gift.)

How many prostitutes have an orgasm during sex? That’d be interesting to research!!!!!

Wham. Bam. Thank you, Ma’am.

Many family lines have bastards or step/half/foster siblings. I bet mine does. But – way back to the 1500’s – we’ve NEVER ORIGINATED from orphans.

BTW – Viking/Irish/Scottish HISTORY is full of FOSTERAGE. A well-known and oft used practice much akin to medieval apprenticeship. You gave your kid to another family to help said kid.

Or brain-wash said kid.

Point of view is yours to choose.