You will never win.

They will always win – in their minds.

We’ve been watching these in the front room (the only warm room in the house right now) all morning.

Come Dine With Me.

OMG. Me & He would be brilliant entertainment.

We have REAL LIFE STORIES that no “normie” would ever believe.

AND I can and do (mostly) cook from scratch.

Angela is -as Sam says – ALL FUR COAT AND NO KNICKERS. Her highlight in life is being a Topless Model aka Tits Out for the Boys.

Met a few of them girls over the years. All Mouth, Fur Coat & No Knickers :o)

P.S. I take the piss out him. My bad :o(

I call them his “When I” stories.

Oh. I’m just as bad. If not worse….and they are all true. Laugh Out Loud !