What is a Heretic? What is Heresy?

I’ve committed HERESY. And been burned for it. MANY TIMES.

I join a select historical group including Jacques de Molay, Hus, Jehanne d’Arc, Savonarola, Giordano Bruno, Urbain Grandier. THE CATHARS.

HERESY is basically going against whatever is considered “doctrine” “gospel” “truth” at a particular moment in time.

Many still believe that Jehanne d’Arc was burned as a witch.

Cough/Ahem – witches were hanged. H A N G E D.

Pictures are hung. Witches are hanged.

HERETICS were burned.


Dust to Dust. Ashes to Ashes.

Gone on a puff of wind never to be seen again.

I’m an Historian. I’ve researched HISTORY.

Why is HELL full of fire? And why do the HELLBOUND NEVER BURN IN HELL?

They still live there. Tormented but still there.

Jehanne’s crimes had nothing to do with wearing men’s clothes and everything to do with REFUSING to acknowledge the MEN OF THE CHURCH as her judges.

God/The Divine/The Church Triumphant were her judges. NOT narcs HERE ON EARTH.

It’s called Karma.

Place yourself above Divine Law and you WILL be punished.