My bad.

I listened to everyone who told me to start promoting myself and my work on social media. YES, thought this brain in this head.

I’m just a normal girl in a village in the middle of nowhere. Maybe people out there will like and support me.

It worked for a while. My writing peers were wonderful, helpful, respectful.

Twitter was a phase that lasted a year and stopped in 2018.

FB was a phase and lasted 2 years. Now only used to contact my closest beloveds: PRIVATELY (!?)

Enter youtube.

I joined yt in 2008/9 under my own name. Ten years later I entered the WORLD of live chats and comments.


This Truly True story has been written here over the past 3/4 years. And will stay available because I NEED others to know just how much damage total strangers WILL do to your most valuable possession. Your Mental Health.

Himself and I share a viewing preference on yt. LOVE RATS & SCAMMERS.

Our first company office was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The nearest airport and biggest city was Lagos. Himself was taken, by our local employees, to Scammer Alley in Lagos. An entire street filled with buildings housing at least 10 men with phones and computers ALL of them scamming, sexting, marrying, European women for one joint end.


We watched a Holiday Love Rats episode this morning. His response was about women being stupid. I just saw lonely, vulnerable women with no self-worth looking for someone to make them feel loved and wanted and needed.

Someone to make them feel loved and wanted and needed.

How pathetic is that?

Is THAT what I was after?

I’m NOT stupid but we all need to be needed.


Anyway. Line in the sand drawn.

I have no money, jewels, fancy cars, income. And ZERO TOLERANCE for takers.

Here endeth a massive life lesson.

Thanks but no thanks youtube. I’ll watch and bitch at the screen but that’s it.