Our kitchen windows have frost on THE INSIDE now.

It was minus 7 degrees outside this morning at 5 am. And minus 17 degrees inside!!!

Hey we are tough. A very far from pampered family… but there comes a limit to one’s endurance.

Pay Day today so I took my blue, frost-bitten fingers and bashed out some numbers on the phone – then screamed HELP. We need oil yesterday. Please and thank you.

I’ve been promised a delivery by next Tuesday at the very latest.


Constant heat in the kitchen and my bed shares a chimney flue with the Rayburn.

Constant hot water. We can bathe & shower – us bunch of smelly articles.

My favourite way to cook. To warm plates. To dry pans, clothes, tea towels, defrost food.

We can even heat our radiators – except we’re too scared to start the boiler/pump because it hasn’t been serviced for 10 years.


I’m going to move inside the Rayburn once we get some oil :o)