I have never subscribed to the recent obsession with previous humans being GIANTS. Around 30ft tall.


My eldest son is 6ft 6″. His brother is 6ft 3″

They were always taller than average growing up but not freakishly so.

At 5ft 8″ I was the tallest girl in my class for a long time.

The boys’ father is only 6ft.

Yes. Some families are genetically taller than average.

There was a Viking burial found in the UK with a 9ft skeleton inside.

These children are beyond Tall.

Tallness is noted. Programmes are made about it.

Old houses and sarcophagi and burials do NOT show 30ft “ancient” humans.

And ANYONE who believes that we live on a world full of the organs and vessels and fossilised bones of “ancient” dead giants is a Bubble Head.

In my opinion!