I KNOW that Fomenko et al and New Chronology is widely despised as pseudo-history. Or a New Soviet OverLord preaching absolute rubbish to mind-control us all.

Laugh out loud – and yt tartaria truthers aren’t ? ? ?

We all know that when we do a yt search we get recommendations for similar subjects.

OMG. I soooo wanted to bypass this one but – I’m a researcher. Good. Bad. Ugly. I don’t HAVE to believe everything. But I have to get a full 360 view. After all – WTF do I know?

This tangent is much more complicated though.

So – we have the Ethiopian King of Kings meeting a Native American in America.

Bull shit ?

Nope. Not according to NC.

“Tartaria”, Ethiopia and Native Americans are just parts of one great big whole.

We Brits pronounce him Highly Selassie. This name means Mighty Trinity.

It’s complicated to many but extremely simple to me :o)