I have so much in common with the maker of this video.

MY Nan was my rock and my teacher. I never knew my real grandad, but George, her second husband, was a King Amongst Men. All but crippled in an horrific accident in the Steel Works but so patient, so wise, so loving and such a brilliant plantsman and gardener.

We lived with them several times during moves from pillar to posting. Long enough for me to be enrolled in the local village school.


Their garden was my Nirvana. Heaven on earth and the best classroom ever.

How did we go from learning SO MANY THINGS from our elders to putting them in expensive “homes” and willing them dead?

My Nan taught me how to make bread. She’d spend all day washing my hair in rain water – collect water, boil water, use water, collect water, boil water, use water! How to pick and store apples. How to get better at knitting. How to light a coal fire. How to use a mangle. How to feed 7 people on a pittance.

And she was a reader. Books everywhere.

When ever I smell violets – I know Nan is close :o)

This may be seen as rose-coloured memories but it’s not. I was taught life-skills that have saved me and MY family.